X Flats Tophane

X Flats Tophane is located at the new hip zone of Istanbul. It is on Bogazkesen Street, the famous street for art galleries in Istanbul. Right at the entrance of the building, is the world famous French art collector Steven Riff’s gallery. The location is only in 10 meters distance from the Tophane tram stop, through which one is linked straight to the Historical Peninsula in almost 15 minutes. It is also in minutes walking to the well-known Istiklal Street, which is recognized as the High Street of Istanbul. Istiklal, the main artery flowing down from the Taksim Square, is the epicentre of Istanbul with its fashionable shops, museums, cafes and restaurants.

The building, “Yazidjizade”, is one of the architectural trademarks of Istanbul. It was constructed in 1905 as one of the first luxury apartment buildings of the Ottoman Empire. Its residents used to be the highly-reputed businessman of Istanbul. Zenovitch, Kalbourdji and Hekimian are some of the families who were housed in the building until 1950’s. The building has been renovated in 2008 to the highest standards of today’s technology but with respect to its originality. It has marvellous views of The Bosphorus over the Karakoy district.