X Flats Galatasaray

X Flats Galatasaray is located in Taksim, in between Istiklal Street and Cezayir Street. Istiklal Street is one of the main streets of Istanbul and approximately 400.000 people is known to walk through the street every day. Istiklal is known with its large variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. On the other side, Cezayir Street is also a very cosy small street famous with its sisha bars and nightclubs. The area is also very close to Bogazkesen Street, which is the recent hip street inhabited by contemporary art galleries. X Flats Galatasaray is very close to Karakoy as well, through where the people reach straight to the Historical Peninsula in almost 15 minutes by tram.

X Flats Galatasaray is housed in “Tchorlou Apartment”. It was built in 1870’s as the first apartment block in Galatasaray district. The building was first owned by Tchorloulu Pasha, who was the milkman of the Ottoman Palace. Later on, families such as Manasse, Vigoureux and Grasset lived in Tchorlou between the years 1910-1998. The building has been renovated in 2010 with respect to its original features and qualities.